The Mars Exploration - Forschungslabor / Laboratory

The laboratory enables to develop new technologies to improve, expand and convert Mars into a second Earth.

Community house

The Mars Exploration - Gemeinschaftshaus / Community center

The community house with gym and church enhances the residential quality of the colonists. Additional 10 people can be accommodated in two houses.

Base station

The Mars Exploration - Modulare bemannte Station auf dem Mars

The base station is the foundation for a new settlement in every game level. The station produces 1 MW and houses a crew from 3 up  to 12 people (in Level 5).

Recreation center

The Mars Exploration - Erholungszentrum / Recreation center

The Recreation center with swimming pool and a large church serves the physical and mental recovery for four residential buildings.

Thermo pump

The Mars Exploration - Wasserpumpe / Water pump

The thermopump heats the ground to recover water from the icy marsh. To extract the water out of the martian soil is necessary for the supply of growing individual Mars colonies.


The Mars Exploration - Gewächshaus / Green house

In the greenhouses growes the food for the people of the Mars colony. It also relieves the life support systems of Habitants and so five people can also be accommodated per home.

Costs 13
Jobs 2
Energy -2
Size 1×1
1 2