House (Habitant 1)

The Mars Exploration - Wohnhaus / Habitant

The house is the first possibility to enlarge your colony. It offers more space than the base station and has a good basic furnishing and can accommodate up to 25 people (20 without greenhouse).

Costs 52
Jobs 0
Energy -2
Size 2×2

Tool factory

The Mars Exploration - Werkzeugfabrik / Tool factory

The tool factory is an important pillar of the martian colonies and produces (almost) everything that the new Martians needs to build the settlement and give the people a place to work and earn some money.

Costs 49
Jobs 20
Energy -3
Size 2×2

Solar power plant

The Mars Exploration - Solarkraftwerk / Solar Power Plant

The solar power plant produces 6 MW from the sun of Mars. The power plant is dependent on location and requires a lot of resources and is very expensive.

Costs 41
Jobs 0
Energy 6
Size 1×1

Wind mills

The Mars Exploration - Windkraftwerk / Wind Mills

The wind turbine produces 2 MW from the wind of Mars and is easy to maintain and inexpensive – but it needs a lot of space for little power.

Costs 15
Jobs 0
Energy 2
Size 1×1

Public Park

The Mars Exploration - Park

The park replaces the greenhouse and has still the same purpose, It also serves as place for recreation for the Martians after hard work.

Spaceship Factory

The Mars Exploration - Raumschifffabrik / Space Ship Factory

The Spaceship Factory is a workshop, in which parts of the large-capacity ships are produced. These parts are then transported with the space lift or small space ships into the orbit and installed there.

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