Fascination and euphoria

Mars has fascinated people, for thousands of years. In antiquity, they had made him a god of war, because they saw him as a bright red light spot in the starry sky. Thousands of people looked to Mars to discover the Marsian canals in the late 19th century,. Large telescopes growed like mushrooms out of the ground and more and more “channels” were discovered.
With the “War of the Worlds”, Mars was turned into a warlike planet whose more developed life tried to destroy us. But in the middle of the sixties, space probes gave a shattering picture: no canals, no extraterrestrial life – only a desolate moon landscape ?!
But the euphoria should not be broken: They scientists found water on Mars, and Mars meteroids with microorganisms?
And finally in August 2003, thousands of people in Germany went into the planetariums to observe Mars in its extreme opposition to Earth. At the same time, four probes from different countries of the world launched to observer our red neighbor.


Perhaps these robots are the vanguard for us humans – perhaps we can already see the first humans on our red neighbor in the next 20 years? Maybe the next, new generation, is making the planet to their new home – a second earth? This future vision is the story of the game “The Mars Exploration II – New Generation”. In this game you are part oft the first team on Mars with their mission to build a settlement on the Red Planet and start the Terraforming.

The game and the game goal

As the head of the 1st manned Mars Station, you have an office where you can find out everything about the Exploration of Mars, the Terraforming process, space missions, and solving problems. In the actual game, on the Mars surface, you must first guide the construction of the Mars colony and then begin to convert the red planet into a second blue planet. You have to plan strategically, because raw materials are scarce and should not be wasted, and supply from the earth is largely excluded. In the course of the game, you will experience how Mars changes through human interaction, you will get to know the extreme landscapes of the planet, explore and hopefully see how your small settlements blossom to glorious cities. During the game, you are in contact with people who are also looking for success and happiness on the Earth’s neighbors, but are not always in your opinion. They are cheating and even threatening. But do not let them intimidate you and terraform Mars in record time to a new earth.